Robbery in Mykonos: 800,000 euros worth of money, jewelry and clothes were stolen from the villa of a Greek-Egyptian

Criminals in Mykonos “are on the alert” because the “hunting season” for moneybags is in full swing. Again on hearing another robbery. The extraction amounted to about 800,000 euros.

The crime took place in Mykonos on 11 July. A week ago, two unidentified men entered a villa in the Agrari area through an open balcony door and “worked hard”, taking not only money and jewelry, but also personal belongings, down to underwear (!).

The villa belongs to a Greek-Egyptian who hosted guests – a Frenchman, a Swede and a Brazilian. Two criminals stole 620,000 euros worth of jewelry and 10,000 euros in cash from the owner. The Frenchman “evaporated” 100,000 euros (valuables, watches, jewelry) and 3,500 euros in cash. The rest was taken from the Brazilian, writes

If you add up the amount of stolen cash and the value of jewelry and branded clothing, the loot amounted to about 800,000 euros, the perpetrators are wanted.

Recall that in recent weeks there have been rapper Timati was robbed in Mykonos (about a million euros, including diamonds) and Turkish citizens, swimming champion Kemal Gurdal and his friend Serhat Sen, a well-known make-up artist in Constantinople. The amount stolen was about 70 thousand euros. Turks “stripped to the skin”, even stealing underwear!

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