WhaleMicro establishes R&D center in Greece

WhaleMicro, a New York Stock Exchange-listed subsidiary of Zepp, announced today that it has completed the process of setting up an R&D center in Greece, and has hired renowned Greek technology expert Nikos Moshopoulos as its lead.

WhaleMicro, a global leader in wearables and health technologies, is known for its flagship brand Amazfit, which allows users to personalize their health, fitness and wellness choices.

Investments are aimed at the production of modern microprocessors and systems used by Zepp. Through its semiconductor technology subsidiary WhaleMicro, Zepp aims to “build” a team of world-renowned researchers in Greece. Mr. Moskopoulos will lead the WhaleMicro R&D center in our country. Working in positions of responsibility in major companies in Greece and beyond, Mr. Nikos Moskopoulos aims to establish the country as a microprocessor research center in Europe by hiring talent, strengthening Zepp’s role in AI and wearable chips.

Greece, which is emerging as a multinational digital hub, has caught the attention of Zepp, one of the world’s leading companies in the wearables industry. Zepp, through its headquarters, will be actively engaged in research and development in Greece, while maintaining its presence here through an innovative structure.

Regarding the above, Mr. Moshopoulos, who led the Greek division, stated: “Greece has an abundance of high-tech talent and human resources. We have very good scientists working on small projects or going abroad. Zepp, through its subsidiary WhaleMicro, is coming to Greece for this very reason, because it sees talent and great growth potential. He will come not to “sell” products, but to create opportunities for highly qualified executives who want to stay in our country and develop technologies that will be applied worldwide in wearable devices.” He said the goal is to find qualified executives to participate in the program with great promise and create products that will apply to wearable technology.

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