Electricity subsidies from July: excluding income and cap criteria. Detailing amounts

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced new measures to support households and businesses in connection with the ever-increasing cost of electricity and gas.

Mr. Skrekas began his statement by reporting “an unprecedented energy crisis affecting households across Europe as electricity prices soar”. there is a plan that will help to cope with the most adverse scenarios.

First, the government has developed a comprehensive plan to ensure sufficient supplies to the country, including doubling the LNG production capacity at Revitus, and the operation of the Ptolemaida-5 lignite plant will begin in September, says cnn.gr.

Secondly, since July, the government is moving to horizontal coverage of support for everyone without exception, for all residential premises, without income criteria and consumption limits, which will cover 84% of electricity consumption.

For domestic consumption, coverage is horizontal, with no exemptions, no income criteria, and no monthly consumption limits. The subsidy is:

  • 200 euros per MWh, absorbing up to 84% of the increase;
  • 240 euros for beneficiaries of the social tariff for households, i.e. with absorption up to 100% of the increase in value;
  • 213 euros for agricultural tariffs, absorbing up to 90% of the increase;
  • for natural gas for July 30 euros per thermal megawatt-hour.

According to Kostas Skrekas, the value of the subsidy in July is 722 million euros, which is 300 million more than in the previous month.

For commercial rates:

  • with a power supply capacity of up to 35 kVA (bakeries, shops, confectioneries, mini markets, kiosks, etc.) the subsidy is 192 euros per MWh;
  • for agriculture – 213 euros per megawatt-hour;
  • for other commercial and industrial sectors with a power supply capacity of more than 35 kVA, the subsidy is 148 euros per MWh;
  • for commercial and industrial gas consumption – 30 euros per megawatt-hour.

The Minister of Energy reminded that since August the indexation clause has been suspended, and now consumers will be able to change the supplier without paying compensation. Providers are obliged to inform their consumers about the accounts of citizens the next day.

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