Greece: July holiday season has started

Thousands of Greeks leave the stuffy capital and go on vacation. The occupancy of ferries in the first days of July reached 90%.

The great “exodus” of vacationers filled the ships departing from the Greek ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion. Vessel occupancy varies from 70% to 90%. The most popular destinations this July are Cyclades, Crete, Paros, Santorini, Naxos.

The Greek Coast Guard is “fully armed”, vigilantly monitoring the safety and comfort of passengers in the three ports of Attica. Travelers are advised to arrive there no later than an hour before departure.

Today, 22 routes to the Aegean Islands and 22 flights to Argosaronicos are planned from the port of Piraeus. 9 flights depart from Rafina to the Cyclades and 5 to Marmari, and 7 flights will depart from Lavrion on schedule.

Yesterday, Friday, 21,547 passengers departed from the port of Piraeus. 3530 passenger cars, 732 trucks, 587 two-wheeled vehicles were loaded on 22 ferry flights. Yesterday 17 sailings were registered from Rafina, 8505 passengers, 1769 cars, 93 trucks and 207 two-wheelers were transported. Eleven flights from Lavrio sent 3986 passengers, 1043 cars and 39 trucks, 80 two-wheeled vehicles.

Booking system data known ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ by Thursday afternoon, at least 44,350 passengers will depart from the port of Piraeus to one of the islands in the Saronic Gulf or the Aegean from Friday to Sunday. Travel agencies say that, including last-minute bookings, the total number of passengers over the three-day period will reach 45,000.

According to the Ministry of Shipping, in June 2022, 322,877 passengers departed from the port of Piraeus, and the total number of passengers departing and arriving at the port was 575,373. In 2021, during the same period, 227,970 passengers departed from the port of Piraeus, and the total /departure) – 402,625 passengers.

In June 2019, when there were no restrictive measures due to the pandemic, the number of passengers who went to one of the Aegean islands from the port of Piraeus amounted to 370,143 people, while the total number of passengers (arrivals and departures) reached 675,576 people , writes

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