New “Kaliningrad” in the Arctic: Norwegians block Russian settlements, Moscow warns of war

A crisis between Russia and Norway and, as a result, with NATO is brewing in the Svalbard archipelago after Norway blocked access to the Russian settlements of Berentsburg and Pyramida located beyond the Arctic Circle.

“The Russian mining company Artikugol is not allowed to transport goods to Svalbard through mainland Norway – the Storskog checkpoint on the Russian-Norwegian border. The corresponding application was rejected on June 15, 2022,” informed Norwegian TV channel NRK, citing a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The reason for this step was called anti-Russian sanctions.

The Norwegians say that the coal mined in Svalbard, “feeds the Russian war machine to continue the war in Ukraine”, and cut off the villages from food, fuel and technology.

These cargoes from the Russian Federation were intended for Russian settlements on the island. Among them are “important goods for the functioning of the trust and the Russian Consulate General in Svalbard, including food, medical equipment, building materials and spare parts for vehicles.”

Two Russian warships of the Northern Fleet have approached the islands, two strategic submarines are patrolling within a radius of 100 miles from them, and the Norwegians are strengthening their military presence and have already sent two frigates there. Also, P-8 electronic reconnaissance patrol planes from northern Norwegian bases continuously fly around the territory.

Undoubtedly, this escalation is another attempt to provoke Russia into a reaction, forcing it to strike at NATO territory and generalize the conflict with Moscow as the main defendant.

This is an extremely dangerous game because if Russia goes into confrontation with NATO, for the sea area there will be direct missile hits on Western surface ships from non-stop means, with all the consequences.

In this case, the conflict will inevitably escalate into a nuclear war, which the hawks in Washington are so eager to unleash.

Each side thinks they will emerge victorious from the escalation, but is it? Because if we reach the first nuclear strike on a NATO, Russian or Chinese ship, then the door to the “nuclear madhouse” will open.

But how did these settlements end up and function in Norway? The Svalbard archipelago is located in the Arctic Ocean, is rich in natural resources and is of great military importance. However, at the same time, it has the status of a demilitarized zone, and the only country that actually carries out economic activity on Norwegian soil, except for Norway itself, is the Russian Federation.

Russia has two settlements on this archipelago, in which Soviet and later Russian miners have been mining coal since the 1930s. The largest of them is Barentsburg, where about 500 people live. In addition, there is the Russian Consulate in Svalbard. Another village is Pyramiden, where several dozen people live who are engaged in scientific research.

As we reported earlier, the conflict associated with the blockade of Kaliningrad was temporarily allowed. Some military experts believe that leaving Serpent’s Island in the Black Sea became a kind of exchange for the unblocking of Kaliningrad. But the tactics of pinpoint injections now continued on Svalbard.

PS The United States is skillfully and ingeniously teasing Russia, hoping that its leadership will not withstand the persecution and still deliver a nuclear strike. Either they have a lot of lives left, or they are not from our planet. I have no other explanation.

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