New “Kaliningrad” in the Arctic: Norwegians block Russian settlements, Moscow warns of war

A crisis between Russia and Norway and, as a result, with NATO is brewing in the Svalbard archipelago after Norway blocked access to the Russian settlements of Berentsburg and Pyramida located beyond the Arctic Circle. “The Russian mining company Artikugol is not allowed to transport goods to Svalbard through mainland Norway – the Storskog checkpoint […]

Unprecedented provocations in the Aegean Sea

Provocative problems in the Aegean Sea, which Ankara constantly exacerbates, are becoming regular. On Wednesday, the national space of Greece was violated by 20 Turkish F-16 fighters, three CN-235 spies, an unmanned UAV and a helicopter! A total of 44 violations by Turkish aircraft and 21 air traffic violations in the Athens FIR. At the […]

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