US imposes sanctions against China over Ukraine

The United States has imposed sanctions on five Chinese companies and research institutes in response to an alleged attack by a Chinese military special cyberattack unit on military and nuclear installations in Ukraine as part of the Russian invasion, according to intelligence reports released by The Times.

These are the following Chinese companies:
  1. Connec Electronic
  2. king pai
  3. Sinno Electronics
  4. winninc electronic
  5. World Jetta (HK) Logistics

The US Department of Commerce said it intends to punish them and add the five companies to a trade blacklist known as the Entity List. He also accused two Chinese research institutes, already blacklisted since 2018, of backing the Russian military in recent weeks.

The sanctions were imposed on the grounds that they “support the Russian army and its defense industry” by attacking more than 600 websites belonging to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and other agencies.

The information is confirmed by American intelligence agencies. The United States “photographs” the special unit of the Chinese Liberation Army “Unit 61398”.

Director of the US National Intelligence Service Avril Haynes stressed that “China is helping Russia in the war against Ukraine, and we must take our own measures.”

In particular, the Joe Biden administration added five Chinese companies to the trade blacklist for the first time because of their support for Russia’s military and defense industrial base.

“Today’s actions against these Chinese companies send a powerful message to organizations and individuals around the world that if they support Russia, the US will punish them,” said Alan Esteves, Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

The United States has also accused research institutions in China of backing the Russian military after it launched its invasion of Ukraine, one of the first tangible signs that Chinese organizations are helping Russia against Washington’s wishes.

Three of the Chinese companies also have offices in other countries: in Russia, Vietnam, Lithuania and the UK, the Commerce Department said. But he called them organizations with “substantial core activities in China.”

China’s foreign ministry said it had made strong U.S. protests, urging Washington to lift unilateral sanctions and vowing to protect the interests of Chinese companies.

China called on the US to immediately lift sanctions on five Chinese companies and end “long-term jurisdiction” and unilateral sanctions.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said: “Sanctions under the guise of supporting the military and defense industrial base of Russia do not have an international legal basis and have not been approved by the UN Security Council. This is a unilateral sanction and longstanding US jurisdiction. China is categorically against it.”.

“China and Russia are engaged in normal economic and trade cooperation based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, which should not be subject to interference or restrictions by any third party. ,” a spokesman for the ministry said. “The United States should in no way undermine China’s legitimate interests in relations with Russia. China will resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies. We call on the US to immediately correct its mistakes, lift the relevant sanctions, and end long-term jurisdiction and unilateral sanctions against Chinese companies., otherwise there will be a larger response from China,” Zhao concluded.

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