The robbers who robbed the elderly of 300,000 euros were detained

The criminal organization, whose members committed fraud, theft and robbery against the elderly in Attica, was liquidated.

Police arrested six people, including the ringleader, during a police operation carried out on Wednesday June 30 in the areas of Achaia and Attica. A criminal case has been initiated against the detainees on the fact that they committed crimes.

A multi-month investigation showed that the members of the organization had clear tasks that they set for themselves and methodically carried out. Their many years of criminal activity began, presumably, in 2015.

Fraudsters and thieves found an approach to older people, mostly women, presenting themselves in various cases as acquaintances of their friends or as inspection services (electricians, etc.). Under pretexts such as settling financial issues or returning money from the tax office, they persuaded the old people to give them cash or jewelry. In some cases, threats or physical violence were used against the elderly.

Members of the criminal organization often changed the cars they used. When approaching the victims, they used two cars. In the first, a man was riding, approaching the victim, and in the second, following at a short distance, accomplices were riding to supervise the situation.

Attackers committed at least 46 cases of fraud, 7 attempted fraud, 6 thefts and 3 robberies. Half of these cases were completed in the past year. “Production” amounted to a total of about 300,000 euros.

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