Carefully! After purple comes blue jellyfish

We can feel the burning and itching from blue jellyfish, even if we do not touch them, but simply swim near. This is the warning of ecologists who discovered individuals of this species in the Greek seas.

Within one month, we will have, as every year, an outbreak of the blue jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo, according to the Hellenic Biodiversity Observatory. The abundance of this type in Greece is observed from mid-June to mid-July, usually in depth, away from the beaches, except on days when the wind and sea current wash them ashore.

If they touch us, we feel a burning sensation and itching, but due to the mucus with toxins that they release into the water, we can feel the same even if we do not touch them, but simply swim near.

Attention! If suddenly you touched them, then in no case do not touch your face afterwards, because it will immediately swell.

Rhizostoma pulmo, as their scientific name suggests, are large, up to 90 cm in diameter. In appearance, they are either white or blue, but always with a purple edge.

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