Hordes of jellyfish in the waters of Chalkis

The accumulation of jellyfish near the bridge of Chalkis was recorded yesterday. Marine life crossed the strait, moving from the North Euboean to the South Euboean region, carried away by the tide. As the local resident who filmed the video notes, “their speed was extremely fast” as the current in the Euripus channel was strong. […]

Invasion of blue jellyfish in Thermaikos gulf

After purple jellyfish, a new scourge has now appeared, their blue counterparts, which prevent bathers from enjoying Greek waters. Flocks of blue jellyfish, or Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as barrel jellyfish, have appeared off the beaches of Thessaloniki and have been swimming in shallow waters in the waters of Thermaikos Gulf for the past few […]

A victim of purple jellyfish spoke about what happened to her

Purple jellyfish have become a “nightmare” for those who want to swim in the sea, because they are now “everywhere”. Appearance poisonous purple jellyfish on the beaches of Greece extremely alarmed and upset both vacationers and tourists, because their bite is very painful. Many users on social media have posted videos of the beaches they […]

Where purple jellyfish spread their tentacles: a map with “red” zones

Purple jellyfish spread throughout the Greek seas. And some areas of the country have faced a problem due to their appearance. Experts warn that her bite is not treated with ammonia, but requires a different approach. Purple jellyfish originally originated in the Ionian Sea but have now been found on the beaches of the Aegean […]

Carefully! After purple comes blue jellyfish

We can feel the burning and itching from blue jellyfish, even if we do not touch them, but simply swim near. This is the warning of ecologists who discovered individuals of this species in the Greek seas. Within one month, we will have, as every year, an outbreak of the blue jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo, according […]

Marius – lover of purple jellyfish (video)

The male sea turtle Marios from the island of Naxos has become a celebrity because of his love for brown (purple, violet) jellyfish. Dominance this year brown jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) in the Aegean Sea has become a real headache for the Greek authorities, residents of the country and numerous tourists. Sea turtle caretta carretta named […]

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