EU stocks up on monkeypox vaccines

Brussels announced common measures to protect against monkeypox and signs an agreement on the purchase of vaccines.

Having curbed the coronavirus, at least temporarily, the EU is rushing to fight monkeypox. And not that this virus is deadly, but for immunocompromised people, children and pregnant women, it can pose a certain threat.

More than 900 cases reported on the European continent and in Iceland monkeypox. The disease is manifested by fever, rash, blurred vision. Symptoms disappear after about a month.

On Tuesday, at a meeting of EU health ministers, the issue was discussed new threat. Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health, announced uniform measures to protect everyone from the new virus EU. She reported:

“I will sign an agreement to purchase about 110,000 monkeypox vaccines. The first shipments to member countries will begin at the end of June.”

Brussels signed an agreement with the Danish biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic. 109,090 doses will be purchased with EU funds, which will be given to national governments for vaccination of people at risk, including Greece. Many cases in Europe have been identified in sexual health clinics. In this regard, the LGBTI community joined in informing the population. One leader says he hopes the community will not be harassed or shamed by the new disease outbreak. Steve Taylor, board member of EuroPride, said:

“There is nothing in the epidemiology of monkeypox that makes men who have sex with men more vulnerable. In fact, when we talk about the problem in this way, we put women and heterosexuals at greater risk, who let their guard down and think, “That won’t happen to them. That’s why it’s so important for us to spread the word that anyone can get monkeypox. But there are simple ways to stay safe.”

It is possible that large-scale summer festivals, which are held in the EU after a two-year break, can accelerate the spread of the disease. To protect yourself and those around you, experts recommend following hygiene rules, taking a test if symptoms appear and staying at home.

The World Health Organization warns that due to the summer available significant increase in incidence. Countries where monkeypox has been found are already taking action.

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