Japan: analysis of vaccines in which “bonuses” were found is ready

The Japanese company, Kyodo reported, found stainless steel impurities in the Moderna vaccine. The Japanese Ministry of Health has released the results of an investigation by Takeda Pharmaceutical. The experts concluded that the vaccine vials contain stainless steel metal dust. It probably somehow got there during the production process from factory machines, perhaps due to […]

Farsalinos: "Church lies about the origin of vaccines"

University of Patras physician and researcher Constantinos Farsalinos criticizes the Church over the publication of the EPTs Synod on Covid-19 vaccines. Mr. Farsalin’s criticism focuses on the use of embryonic cells and their role in the development, evolution and manufacture of vaccines. Embryonic cells are mentioned in the publication of the Synod of the EOC, […]

Biden blames social media, Facebook calls him a disinformer

Facebook called the accusations of US President Biden against social networks about vaccine disinformation as contradictory to the facts. The company said, according to TASS, that in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the participation of the whole society is necessary, and “the information component of these efforts should be based on facts, and not […]

Abdominal vascular thrombosis in a 27-year-old girl after J&J vaccination

Extensive thrombosis of the vessels of the abdominal cavity was diagnosed in a 27-year-old girl, a resident of the island of Kerkyra, after being vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson. She has “99% of a complication clearly related to the vaccine,” says the director of the ΠΓΝΠ hematology clinic. A resident of Kerkyra was admitted to […]

Vaccination: drugs available for people aged 25-29

Today, a platform opens to vaccinate the 25-29 age group with drugs from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. In addition, as Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias announced yesterday, vaccination will begin in the coming days in at home… According to him, at the end of June vaccination of bedridden citizens will begin, which will be carried […]

Vaccination victims will receive compensation

Deputy Minister of Digital Government Georgios Georgantas spoke about the vaccination process in our country, in particular, about the age groups who are vaccinated against covid. Speaking on ANT1’s morning show Good Morning Greece, Mr. Georgantas noted that there is A 16-day grace period for the next vaccination date for those who cancel or change […]

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