Vaccination: drugs available for people aged 25-29

Today, a platform opens to vaccinate the 25-29 age group with drugs from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. In addition, as Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias announced yesterday, vaccination will begin in the coming days in at home… According to him, at the end of June vaccination of bedridden citizens will begin, which will be carried […]

Vaccination victims will receive compensation

Deputy Minister of Digital Government Georgios Georgantas spoke about the vaccination process in our country, in particular, about the age groups who are vaccinated against covid. Speaking on ANT1’s morning show Good Morning Greece, Mr. Georgantas noted that there is A 16-day grace period for the next vaccination date for those who cancel or change […]

Vaccine patent battle has begun

The demand to revoke a patent for a coronavirus vaccine after Joe Biden backed Putin’s initiative is gaining global proportions. Negotiations to suspend the validity of coronavirus patents have dragged on hopelessly since last fall and were finally bogged down in disputes between 164 member countries of the World Trade Organization. But the ice was […]

Vaccine black market

The black market for Covid-19 vaccines has been booming in recent months, flooding every corner of the so-called dark web and in the windows of illegal supermarkets ready for sale. In fact, these are illegal, but quite standard electronic stores, where the buyer has the opportunity to choose from a variety of products, order what […]

The European Commission decided to speed up the vaccine approval process

In a statement from the European Commission published by Brussels on March 24, the European Commission said it has put in place an accelerated approval process for coronavirus vaccines that are effective against COVID-19 strains. The statement reads: “The European Commission introduces a regulation to accelerate the issuance of approvals for adapted vaccines against COVID-19. […]

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