A car burned to the ground on Singru Avenue

The alarm was sounded in the morning on Syngrou Avenue, in the Fix area, when a car caught fire while a vehicle was driving along the road.

According to preliminary information, smoke went out of the car in which the parents with the child were traveling. All three immediately jumped out of the car, a short car engulfed in flames.

Employees of shops and offices, who witnessed the incident, rushed to the aid of three passengers and, grabbing fire extinguishers, tried to put out the fire.

The incident was reported to the fire and rescue service at 10:22 (Monday 6 May). 6 firefighters in 2 specialized vehicles left for the scene. They managed to put out the car. Reportedly, it burned down completely.

Expert advice

The data collected by the experts show that The most common source of fire in a car is the engine compartment. In second place is the interior of the car. But sometimes a fire can break out even in the elements of the chassis – due to a jammed bearing, for example.

Fires also start due to fuel leaks, dripping oil – it is enough for them to get on hot engine parts. For smoking in the cabin, you can also pay not only with an unpleasant smell that soaked covers and upholstery, but also with a burned-out car.

Short circuit

A short circuit is, according to experts, the most common cause of a fire in cars. Faulty electrical wiring can cause a fire at any time of the year, and an incorrectly installed alarm or sound reproducing equipment can also lead to a fire.

How to prevent a fire

Recommendations for fire prevention are simple: it is necessary to service the car in a timely manner, monitor the condition of the electrical wiring and do not smoke in the cabin. Of course, a ready-to-use fire extinguisher should also always be at hand.

If the car caught fire in a parking lot or garage, you should try to roll it away from other cars or buildings. But if the flame has already engulfed the entire car, you should move away yourself, as a gas cylinder or fuel tank may explode. In such a situation, it is necessary to call firefighters as soon as possible and notify people living and working in the neighborhood.

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