May 18, 2024

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Fire in Glyfada, Voula, Vari – improvement of the situation

With the first rays of the sun, firefighting aviation is on alert, fearing re-ignitions.

There is an improvement in the situation with the fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in Glyfada, and then rapidly spread to Voula and Wari. Residents of Panorama have already returned to the houses abandoned because of the fire, and Heromas are awaiting permission from the authorities.

Firefighters on the alert. The risk of re-ignitions remains, strong wind increases it and does not allow you to relax. The area has 283 firefighters, 65 vehicles and ten ground teams, 100 police officers and 38 national police vehicles. ΕΛΑΣ . Volunteers and local residents who did not want to leave their homes joined the fight against fire.

According to initial information, the fire caused significant material damage – houses and cars were damaged by fire. The environmental damage has yet to be assessed. The updated summary of the situation says, quotes

“The fire that broke out yesterday, 04/06/2022, in Glyfada is in remission. The active forces have been reinforced by firefighters, vehicles and foot groups from the regions of Peloponnese, Sterea and Western Greece, Central and Western Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly. A total of 283 firefighters with 10 teams of foot groups, 65 vehicles, Mobile Operations Center “OLIMPOS”, SMEA team, 2 A/F and 2 E/P, of which one as coordinator Assistance is provided by EL.AΣ with 100 police officers and 38 vehicles, a large number of volunteer firefighters and volunteer fire engines, as well as water tanks of the region and local government Attica firemen remain on general alert, and firemen in the regions of Peloponnese, Central and Western Greece, Central and Western Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly remain in standby mode.

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