July 24, 2024

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Kolonos: arrest of two people for smuggling cigarettes

As part of operational checks, two foreigners were arrested in the Kolonos area by police officers.

Law enforcement agencies received information about a mini-market in Kolonos selling contraband tobacco products. As part of the investigation, surveillance was established of a man who left a certain house in Kolonos and went to the specified store with a backpack, writes cathimerini.gr.

After the sale of contraband tobacco products was recorded by law enforcement officers, the foreigner running the store was arrested. During the searches conducted in the house from which the smuggled goods were taken out, in the mini-market, as well as in other property of the foreigner, a total of 8101 packs of tobacco products were found and confiscated.

Arrested with case files drawn up by the Kolonos Security Department, they were taken to the Athenian Prosecutor’s Office for Minor Offenses.

Greece has the second highest percentage of illegal cigarettes in the European Union after France, which has resulted in a revenue loss to the Greek economy of up to 551 million euros in 2020 and more than 3.6 billion euros over the last five years.

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