Bags with 2.5 kg of cocaine found on the beach

On the island of Skiathos, during the cleaning of the beach, two packages of cocaine weighing 2.5 kg were found.

When volunteers clean up the beaches, they encounter all sorts of rubbish imaginable. But it is certainly rare to find “parcels” with cocaine.

Two packages of drugs with a total weight of 2.5 kg were accidentally discovered while cleaning the beach in the north of Skiathos by volunteers of an environmental organization, writes

The incident took place on the beach of Agios Panteleimonas. Initially, one package was found in the trash among other discarded items. The find was delivered to the Skiathos Port Authority, and after chemical analysis, it was found to contain excellent quality cocaine.

After that, the police checked all the trash cans and found a second bag of drugs.

The packages were wet when they were found, although they were very well wrapped in polyethylene and tied with duct tape, meaning they had been at sea for many days. It is likely that the cocaine was thrown into the sea by a passing boat due to fear of control, or the parcels could get to Skiathos “under their own power”, washed down by the current.

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