New study: Fully vaccinated are less contagious

According to a new study recently published in the international journal JAMA Network openfully vaccinated people infected with coronavirus transmit the infection to fewer people and are contagious for a shorter period of time than people who are partially or not vaccinated at all.

The highlights of this study are summarized by Theodora Psaltopoulou (Professor of Therapeutic Epidemiology of Preventive Medicine) and Stavroula Pashu, Associate Professor and Rector of EKPA, Professor of Therapeutic Clinic at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The study was conducted in South Korea and involved 173 employees of various hospitals who were found to be infected with COVID-19. 50 of them were fully vaccinated.

The researchers found that the virus was transmitted from these people to others in the same hospital at a rate of 7% compared to 26% in the unvaccinated group. It was noted that volunteers in both groups had the same viral load at the time of diagnosis.

In fact, in a subgroup of 45 people with mild COVID-19 who were in quarantine, the researchers observed the death of infectious viral particles:

  • within 4 days in 6 fully vaccinated individuals,
  • within 8 days in 11 partially vaccinated individuals
  • within 10 days in 28 individuals who were not vaccinated at all.

*Studies were conducted before the Omicron strain was discovered.

Bottom line: Fully vaccinated people with COVID-19 appear to be less contagious both in intensity and duration (spread of the virus). This study further highlights the importance of a COVID-19 vaccination strategy.

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