Elliniko: the journey to the future has begun – a special tour for visitors

The Lamda Development Concern recently presented The Ellinikon Experience Center to the public, the largest and most technologically advanced in comparison with the world’s peers.

At the Experience Centre, located in Elliniko (on the site of a former airfield), through five thematic areas with more than 22 experimental exhibits presented for the first time in Greece, the public can see the history of the region unfolding before them and its connection with the future of Greece.

The center is located in the park. The journey begins with a digital tour that spans all stages, from the area’s rich history to the iconic pieces that make up Ellinikon’s groundbreaking design and will become a reality in the coming years.

Life in a new era

Under the imposing dome of the Exhibition Center, visitors can explore the master plan of Elliniko through the largest model ever created in Greece, with a total size of 45 sqm. m. There the visitor can see the basic design principles of The Ellinikon, as well as the infrastructure and facilities being created.

life in nature

The series has a section dedicated to new urban design, where nature is a key element. Elliniko will have more than 2 million square meters of green spaces, which will include plants and shrubs typical of the Greek flora. The place will be turned into the largest coastal park in Europe.

The modern model will become a model of sustainable development. The park will fully cover its irrigation and electricity needs, offsetting its carbon footprint over its life cycle. Experience Park, which is part (section) of the Experience Center, was opened to the public in December 2021.

In the section “Life in nature” the Elliniko park is presented in miniature. Visitors will be able to be transported to this green oasis by the sea and wander along a series of paths with surprises waiting for you at every turn.

One of the unique experiences is an interactive bike ride that allows visitors to tour the park and see the cultural and interesting places that will be created.

live in the future

In the Living the Future section, Elliniko’s innovative infrastructure is presented: from the transport network to bioclimatic architecture with the construction of buildings that will improve life in the city in terms of ecology.

live wisely

In the “Living Smart” section, guests of the center can see, What does the house of the future look like?its space that prioritizes the needs of the individual and contains technologies that contribute to a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

Life by the sea

The modernized coastline and marina of Elliniko will become a favorite pastime for everyone, young and old. The section also includes a unique tour that awakens all the senses as you take a virtual boat trip overlooking the legendary Ellinicon Riviera.

The Experience Center is open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Admission is free, but pre-registration is required. Getting to it is quite easy, from Vouliagmeni Avenue, Elliniko metro station. For the convenience of visitors, the park offers free parking.

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