Was there rape? The victim is unhappy with the verdict. Statement from the second victim

Six years have passed since the filing of a complaint about the rape committed by Manos Papadopoulos. 24-year-old Georgy Bika complains about him as the organizer of a New Year’s party at the MET hotel, which ended with her being raped by his two brothers as well.

According to documents provided by the publication www.zougla.grA.B.’s complaint, filed in 2016, and Georgy Bik’s application, filed on New Year’s Eve 2022, are identical, as if they were created according to the “one pattern”, and have a nightmare scenario.

The main character accused of rape is Manos Papadopoulos. This is a person from the category of persons characterizing the “night life” of Thessaloniki.

A 28-year-old girl describes exactly the same symptoms she had George Bika: severe malaise, complete inability to respond to what is being done to her, as well as resist violence from Manos Papadopoulos. According to her testimony, he abruptly “pulled” her out of the club where she had fun, so much so that she “forgot her mobile phone and coat.”

The girl describes how she felt discomfort and dizziness from the vodka and juice that she was given to drink, as well as malaise, which intensified over time. She did not know George Bika personally, as she claims in her testimony, but after reading the names of the defendants in the case, she plucked up courage and began to look for her lawyer Tanasis Ziogas, whom she, together with her mother, visited in Thessaloniki, presenting him the facts.

The lawyer turned to the prosecutor’s office and informed about the statement he had received. The answer was this: to send the girl for official testimony against the accused, which she did.

On January 28, 2022, the victim testified to the investigator Constantine Pantopoul (Thessaloniki). Snippet: “I told Mr. Ziogas that I had not reported the rapist before because I was ashamed, I felt that I would be made a laughing stock of everyone. This is how I thought and felt for so many years. I remember feeling helpless , which I experienced, realizing everything that happened to me.(…) Since then, personally, he (Manos Papadopoulos) did not bother me… I deleted him from instagram, although he continued to follow me. She didn’t say that either, and no one knew what had happened.

I decided to tell about all this when I found out about the story with George Bika. She was so similar to what I experienced. However, she did not remain silent and spoke about it openly. Then I thought that I, too, need to write a statement and put an end to the fears that still plague me. I have nothing more to add.”

As George Bika complains in an interview with Makis Triantafillopoulos, Manos Papadopoulos offered her drugs, but she refused. When asked by the investigator, addressed to M. Papadopoulos, the accused denied that he had offered G. Bika cocaine.

After the trial, in which Manos Papadopoulos was acquitted, George Bika was charged with “perjury”. The victim will have to pay all the costs of the legal proceedings.

At present, it is not known whether the statement of the 28-year-old victim will take effect, or whether everything will remain “hidden” just because the accused (how dare you encroach on his “honest name” ?!) is a famous shadow figure of “night life” Thessaloniki.

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