The cleaning lady reported rape

The shock was caused by the information that the cleaning lady of an apartment building in Petralona was raped by a man, who was locked in his apartment for several hours. As one of the witnesses, who rushed to the aid of the victim of violence, said on the air of ANT1, when she managed […]

Harassment Punishment: Petros Philippidis is expelled from the Greek Actors Association

Following the meeting of the disciplinary commission of the Greek Actors Association (Πειθαρχικού Συμβουλίου ΣΕΗ), Petros Philippidis and Pavlos Haykalis will be expelled from the guild after complaints that caused shock in the field of theatrical art. According to, the disciplinary council of the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry, chaired by Paschalis Tsaruchas, […]

“Family friend” raped a minor

The shocking confessions of a 15-year-old girl reveal the picture of a complete nightmare that she had to endure. Trembling and crying incessantly, a teenage girl from Livadia, who was raped by a 44-year-old man, filed a report with the police. She described in detail what she had to endure, being in the hands of […]

Nope Smirni: a sexy pervert stalked a girl

The police station in the Nea Smyrni metropolitan area received a statement from a young girl who was the victim of a sexual assault. According to a local resident, a stranger was chasing her in unbuttoned pants, demonstrating his “manhood.” The young woman also describes on social media what happened to her that evening. An […]

The false cop robbed and raped his victims

An attacker was caught accused of assaulting three women. Victims describe him as a violent rapist. In particular, as it became known, the testimony of women was made public, who accuse a 38-year-old man of forcing them to have sex, since he introduced himself to them as a law enforcement officer. The alleged perpetrator was […]

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