March 26, 2023

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Glyfada: teenagers beat and robbed a 15-year-old student

Another incident of violence between underage students took place last Friday at 10:15 pm in the 8th secondary school of Glyfada, the victim of which was a 15-year-old teenager. The victim’s mother describes what happened to her son, who was attacked by a group of bullies.

Her son was reportedly in the school yard with a classmate when a 14-year-old teenager approached them, began to insult them and ended up in a quarrel, writes

He hit the victim, who began to defend himself, after which the attacker “called for reinforcements.” He called his 16-year-old brother, who showed up some time later with another guy of the same age.

The mother says that the group of hooligans who attacked her child acted like “professional racketeers”. They punched and kicked the teenager on the body and head, threatened him with a knife and left him almost unconscious at the scene.

The minor was taken to the hospital, thanks to the help of his girlfriend, who immediately called an ambulance. The teenager described to the police the characteristics of the aggressors who beat him, after which the law enforcement officers located them and took them to the department.

“The worst nightmare for any parent is to hear a call from outsiders and find out that your child has been hurt,” the mother said.

She also stressed that her son is very scared and afraid to go out, while there is fear of retaliation for calling the police.

“We sympathize with the parents of criminals, because they are also parents … When your child grows up in an environment with so much violence, you never know if he will be a victim or a criminal,” said the mother of a teenager.

Human rights activist Yiannis Marakakis, who took over the case, spoke about the increasingly spreading terrible phenomenon – organized gangs of minors, and stressed that, first of all, children should be strictly controlled by parents and schools.

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