They married me without me: a Greek woman suddenly found out that she was married to a foreigner

A 34-year-old resident of Greece, unexpectedly for herself, found out that she is married to a 46-year-old foreigner!

A young woman faced an unpleasant surprise when she visited the municipal registry of Kalamaria to settle her personal matter.

There she was informed that she was married to a foreigner. After recovering from the shock, the woman reported the incident to the police, after which an investigation followed. During the operational activities, it turned out that her alleged husband presented a fake marriage certificate from the Albanian authorities to the registry office of Athens. Thus, he managed to obtain a marriage certificate.

Then the perpetrator of Albanian origin, according to the police, presenting forged documents, including a responsible statement allegedly written by a 34-year-old citizenapplied to the competent authorities for a residence permit as the spouse of a Greek citizen, writes

Thus he succeeded remove your name from the national list of unwanted alienswhich was the original purpose of all his fraudulent activities.

The man has been charged with forgery and use by the Kalamaria Security Department.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki took up further consideration of the malicious offense.

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