Murder of 38-year-old Chinese woman found in suitcase in forest solved

The Greek police said that the investigation into the murder of a 38-year-old Chinese woman, whose body was found on December 29, 2020 in a forested area in the Kaza Vilion region (Attica), has been successfully completed.

According to months of painstaking investigation by the homicide department, the criminal investigation department of the Attica Security Directorate, a 47-year-old foreigner, a compatriot of the victim, was identified, who was arrested today, May 18, 2022, on a warrant issued by the prosecutor. The detainee with the materials of the criminal case was taken to the competent prosecutor’s office.


According to ERT, the arrested businessman is the owner of a shop located next to the victim’s house in the center of Athens. The two of them frequented Parnit’s casino, and the woman lent him 10,000 euros at interest that he apparently could not repay. Which, according to the police, was the motive for the crime.

The man has not confessed to the murder, but police sources say they have enough evidence to link him to the heinous crime.

How was the investigation

On 10/17/2020, a Chinese woman was reported missing (at the request of her mother to the Omonia Police Department). On 29/12 of the same year, a suitcase was found in the region of Viliya, in which the corpse of an unfortunate woman was in a decomposed state.

The forensic report showed that there were no injuries on the woman’s body, and since the corpse was in a neglected state, the cause of death was not specified.

It is noted that a similar crime involving persons of Chinese origin living in Greece was committed in October 1994. Then the victim was a Chinese who was killed and cut with a saw by a compatriot, his wife’s lover, who threw away parts of his body in different parts of Athens.

Judging by the data of the investigators, this time the compatriot of the victim turned out to be the killer. However, the final point in this case will be put by the court.

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