The death of a 14-year-old teenager: a victim of bullying or “Blackout Challenge”

The mysterious death of a 14-year-old boy at his family’s home on Friday evening, just hours before participating in a sporting event, put authorities on alert, and on Monday a prosecutor ordered an urgent investigation.

The boy was found hanging from a cable tied to a hook on the ceiling of his room. He was already dead when his parents discovered the body and called an ambulance.

Was it a suicide committed by a victim of bullying at school, or the consequence of the terrible game Blackout Challenge, which endangers the lives of teenagers around the world?

14-year-old Makis lived in the Kato Patisia area of ​​Athens. The teenager was into martial arts and was scheduled to take part in a pan-Greek competition on Saturday morning.

However, playing sports did not help him, and on Friday at school, he was the victim of bullying by other boys at school. “They threw oranges and water at him at school, spat on him, threatened: “I will stab you,” classmates of the deceased told the media.

They said that even though Makis studied martial arts, he never laid a hand on another teenager. “And some of the bullies at school knew about it,” they added.

In conversation with a news site two of his classmates spoke of the bullying hours before he took his own life on Friday.

Most of the classmates speak of the severe bullying the boy was subjected to, adding that “some of the children systematically teased him.”

At his school, classmates and teachers speak of Makis as “a very kind and good kid, he never bothered anyone, he was one of the best guys I’ve ever seen, so we’re all very upset.”

As for the scenarioBlackout Challengeas one of the causes of his death, the students of the school say they do not know if he participated in such a “game”. The teacher told Mega TV that he asked the students about the game and got the information that they know it and it seems to be popular.

The police, who are investigating the reasons that led to the death of the boy, do not rule out any possibility and are trying to find out the truth with the help of testimony, as well as data from his mobile phone and computer.

On Monday morning, students from a school in Kato Patisia left flowers on his desk. At noon, they went out into the yard and laid out his name “Makis” with their bags.

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