Salamina: a drunk man mutilated an ambulance crew member

An unprecedented incident occurred in Salamis when a drunken man broke both arms of an EKAB rescuer who came to his aid.

The incident, which caused a strong public reaction, took place on Sunday afternoon (15.05) on the Saronic Island. An EKAB rescuer was severely beaten by a heavily intoxicated man. As a result, the victim was hospitalized with two fractures: the left hand, as well as extensive trauma to the right shoulder. Today he will have an operation.

A shocking incident that unfolded on the main road of the island, writes iefimerida.grdescribed by Georgios Matiopoulos, head of EKAB.

“On Sunday evening, we received a call from the police. We arrived at the scene, and after a while the police left. After first aid was rendered to the drunk citizen, the colleague went to close the door of the EKAV car. At this time, the brawler got out of his car and stabbed the medic in the back, as a result of which he lost consciousness. The attacker kicked the fallen employee of the EKAV brigade in the chest. However, it didn’t stop there. A man who got to his feet, trying to avoid the blows inflicted by a brutal drunk driver, was thrown off the road down a slope, where he received several more pokes in pursuit. As a result, he was seriously injured. The doctor received two fractures – the left arm and an extensive fracture of the right shoulder and arm. A colleague has multiple injuries and bruises all over his body. He received several blows to his head on the asphalt. The worst was avoided by pure chance.”

It is noted that today, on Monday, May 16, colleagues of the victim planned to hold a protest outside the Piraeus courthouse in connection with the incident, insisting on protecting the rights of workers and tightening legislation.

For his part, the mayor of Salamina, Georgios Panagopoulos, in his statement, strongly condemned the egregious incident. He immediately contacted the EKAV rescuer, expressing his support to the citizen who suffered in the performance of his duties.

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