"Finished the game": the police will punish adrenaline-loving teenagers, and at the same time their parents

In Volos, 15-year-old teenagers were detained, who had fun by running across the street “under the nose” of the car. Their fathers were also in handcuffs.

According to ethnos.grthe police handcuffed three 15-year-olds in Volos for dangerous acts, traffic violations (concerning pedestrians).

В частности несовершеннолетние были обнаружены сотрудниками полиции Управления по предотвращению дорожно-транспортных происшествий (Ομάδας Ελέγχου Πρόληψης Τροχαίων Ατυχημάτων, Ο.Ε.Π.Τ.Α.) на пересечении окружной дороги с улицей Иолкоу (Περιφερειακού δρόμου με την οδό Ιωλκού), где один of them lying in the middle of the roadand two others filmed what they thought was a “joke” on mobile phones.

Teenagers violated road safety, endangered road users and themselves. Andx fathers aged 40, 50 and 53 were arrested for “leaving minors unattended and neglecting parental responsibilities”. According to the information, three teenagers are members of one of the companies that have become a “nightmare” for drivers. Recently, a glaring incident was described in Volos when for the sake of entertainment, the guys threw themselves under the wheels of the car, trying to have time to cross the street. In addition to the Ring Road, similar incidents were recorded on Polimeri Street, on the coast of Agria and in the center of Volos.

“Run or die!” – a new deadly craze of youth. Teachers and parents are actively discussing a new game of teenagers that could cost them their lives. Is it a real threat to children or is it a skillful Internet stuffing of provocateurs?

Over the past few days, social networks and instant messengers have been circulating a warning message about a new deadly game “Run or Die” that has appeared in the teenage environment with great speed. The essence of risky entertainment is to have time to run across the road in front of a nearby car. The “plague” came from abroad, and a lot about it is known from the incidents recorded by the traffic police in Russia.

Many parents are seriously concerned about the next threat and conduct educational conversations with their children. In their opinion, it is better to do it now than to regret the consequences. Nevertheless, many learned about the “game” only now – from the Internet. They place a post-warning on their pages in social networks because it seems very important to them.

Meanwhile car owners from different cities began to confirm information about the game. Some jokingly (“We have half of the city playing this game!”), Some seriously. Moreover, according to them, when one teenager runs in front of the nose of the car, the other shoots it on the phone.

Despite the stories that motorists tell, some experts believe that information about the game is just a clever stuff made according to the rules of viral advertising. At the same time, the expert believes that this story may have a good purpose.

“Most likely, this is something like a public service announcement, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to what is happening on the roads in order to reduce the number of accidents involving children,” says the director of communication strategies.

Alas, while parents worry and experts doubt and wonder about the origin of the deadly Run and Die craze, kids are really starting to play it..

Be that as it may, take care of the children, pay more attention to them. After all these “games” have one feature: they are designed for witnesses. Without a “report” they lose their meaning. Children need attention, and here you need to work in two directions.

First of all, give more informal attention, unite in something with the child against what seems to him the most disgusting in the world around him: cynical and limited people fixated on money, an angry society, the destruction of nature, the meaninglessness of life or something else. By uniting with the child, we give him a chance to believe in understanding, to have freedom of choice.

And secondly, this is influence from the outside: dependence on opinion, manipulation of consciousness. And here, without friendship and careful understanding of what kind of group influences the child, why he feels good with them, who is the leader, whose opinion is especially important for him and for what reason, no progress can be made. Here the ultimate goal should be this: to direct this rebellion against those who are trying to dictate the rules of the game to the child.

This is also not easy, and requires a lot of time and patience from parents, and not just “tough” measures.

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