The State Council decided that the presence of the police in universities is constitutional

The plenary session of the State Council (Supreme Constitutional Court) of Greece ruled on Wednesday that the university police, which also consists of special guards, do not violate the principles of academic freedom and full self-government of higher education institutions.

According to the announcement, it was unanimously agreed that “no provision of Law 4777/2021 indicates that individual freedoms are under threat.” Plenum substantiated it is a “public interest” decision.

The judges noted: “The legislator considers that the public interest, which is to ensure public order and security, as well as to ensure the unhindered exercise of academic freedom, obliges to protect the territory of universities, following a number of milder security measures and protecting university staff and property, which the legislator considered inappropriate for these purposes.”

Despite the reaction of academics, the conservative government decided to create a special police force to protect the universities from destruction, occupation by anti-authoritarian groups, and cutting off the access of people who had nothing to do with the institutions.

Until a new police corps is established, the government continues to deploy riot police to universities, as it did on Tuesday in Thessaloniki.

Police Special Forces Invaded Aristotle University Mission during lessons. The main academic amphitheater was flooded with tear gas, preventing frightened students from escaping. The video captures moments when the MAT enters the building, uses tear gas and pulls street of a bloodied student.

An impartial video captured a bloodied student being dragged by law enforcement officers, and he screams in pain: “I’m in pain, I can’t breathe!”

The message of the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters states:

“Today at noon (May 10, 2022), while the police were taking measures to protect construction work on the first floor of the School of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a group of people with covered faces attacked the policemen with stones and other objects. To prevent further escalation, the police forces used appropriate means and methods. Two people have been detained. The Thessaloniki Security Directorate is conducting a preliminary investigation.”

According to writer and blogger Walida Budakidu, “the former building of Στέκι Βιολογικού” was the Pfizer laboratory, where new vaccines were developed.” crushed biochemical laboratory, after which the pharmaceutical company built a new, even larger laboratory.

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