The paradoxical secrets of longevity of one of the oldest women in the world

Breakfast is a very important meal that can make or break your day. One of the oldest women in the world, who turned 116 years old, never forgot to have breakfast until her death.

This first meal of the day gives us enough nutrients and energy to get through the day and kickstart our metabolism. It can even help shed belly fat and boost the immune system, which could potentially be an important “key” to longevity.

Suzanne Mouchatt Jones was one of the oldest women in the world, always ate breakfast and believed that longevity was due to her favorite breakfast. According to information news4health.grshe really thought that she lived to such a venerable age because… she ate bacon every day.

Jones was born in July 1899 and died in 2016, shortly before her 117th birthday. Her daily routine simply categorically could not be changed! Every morning she woke up at her home in Brooklyn at 9:30 and had breakfast at 10:30. He always ate eggs with bacon for that first meal. However, bacon is definitely not a priority food that doctors recommend eating to live long and have good health.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “traditional” bacon contains about 20 grams of protein per serving. It also contains vitamin B and several nutrients that prevent infections and promote health. They also help the better functioning of cells, the release of energy from carbohydrates and fats, as well as the breakdown of amino acids. Vitamin B helps transport oxygen and nutrients that are important for energy in the body.

Pork contains selenium, a mineral that activates certain proteins associated with cancer prevention. Pork bacon also contains zinc, which helps control gene activity.

It is worth noting that this elderly lady may have eaten eggs and bacon for breakfast, but the rest of the time she ate fruit, and at lunch and in the evening at 17:30 she consumed a full afternoon tea and dinner, which usually included meat, stewed vegetables, potatoes.

In addition, according to her nephew, an elderly lady “leaned” on mint gum, putting 5 plates in her mouth at a time.

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