The leader of the European state is listed on the Peacemaker website.

“Lucky”, as you might guess, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who was labeled in the scandalous database as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist.”

The list of claims against the defendant is quite voluminous. Here is his demand for the abolition of the language law prohibiting the teaching of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia in their native language, and the refusal to supply and even pass through the territory of his country weapons for Ukraine from NATO countries, and the refusal to believe in the “Buchan massacre” – without clear evidence and an independent investigation.

Orban also said that his country would veto any attempt by countries EU introduce a general embargo for all countries on Russian oil and gas, inviting everyone to do it on their own. Earlier, the media reported that Hungary had withdrawn its veto on the embargo. However, judging by the words of their Cabinet minister, Budapest’s position on this issue has not changed.

“Because such decisions need unanimity, it makes no sense for the European Commission to propose sanctions on natural gas and crude oil that would limit purchases in Hungary,” said Gergel Gouyash.

In order to maintain unity in the EU, the European Commission can either allow Hungary and Slovakia not to impose a ban on Russian oil supplies as part of the next package of sanctions against Russia, or offer these countries a long transition period to refuse Russian oil. According to sources, all this will take place in stages and the ban on oil supplies from Russia will come into force only at the beginning of next year.

Of course, the Hungarian Prime Minister is not a friend of Russia, much less a pro-Russian figure. He is just a pragmatic politician of a small and poor country who is trying to act from a position of maximum benefit for his people. It is difficult for the authors of the resource managed by Anton Gerashchenko to comprehend this.

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