Migrant girl dies in shootout on Greek-Turkish border

On Saturday evening, a group of illegal migrants tried to get into Greece by boat across the Evros River.

A fatal shot from the Turkish side ended the life of a woman on board. The Greek television channel Sky reported on the tragic incident yesterday, giving details.

The shootout took place after 9 o’clock on Saturday evening near the town of Soufli, as a result of which an illegal woman was killed. Greek border guards found migrants in a boat from the Turkish side, who were trying to cross the water barrier. They claim they responded to shooting from Turkey that began after they warned migrants on the river not to let their boat approach the Greek shore.

The Greek Coast Guard actively warned the passengers of the boat with lights to change course, but the boat continued to move, heading for the Greek coast. Then shots began from the Turkish side, to which the Greeks reacted accordingly. After the boat was detained, the border guards found six migrants and a woman who received a fatal bullet wound in it, the fire was opened at close range.

Greek television channel ERT-1 reported that a 22-year-old girl of African descent had died. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, she was injured during a skirmish between the carrier and illegal migrants. The murder weapon is a 22-gauge pistol, similar ones are not used by border guards – neither Greek nor Turkish.

Only six migrants and a child made it to the Greek coast. Five more from this group remained on the Turkish coast, writes GreekReporter.

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