Zelensky: Turkish ships help evacuate Azov fighters from Mariupol

The first interview of Vladimir Zelensky in the Turkish media and specifically in HaberTurk came out at a rather unfortunate time, shortly before the speech of the Ukrainian president in Greek Parliament.

Zelensky praised Turkey And Erdogan, saying, in particular, that Ukraine “counts on the full support of Turkey. We trust the Turkish leadership“.

The President of Ukraine addressed for the first time Haberturk . Zelensky answered questions such asdid ukraine win the warwhether there is still a risk of killing himself and his family, why he considers Putin a war criminal.

In his speech, Zelensky often used the expression “We believe in the full support of Turkey and in the leadership of Turkey” and noted that they see dialogue as an essential condition for this process. The Ukrainian leader, in response to the accusations of neo-Nazis in his country, replied: “They can’t justify what they did, they can’t find any justification. They will not be able to cover up the massacres they have committed.”

Answering a question about Crimea, Zelensky gave the following assessments: “All world leaders believe that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. We are by no means going to retreat, we do not want to give them the lands of Crimea. We stressed the importance of resolving the situation in Crimea through diplomacy. This Until now, the position of Ukraine … “.

Answering a question about Turkish droneswhich Turkey regularly supplies to Ukraine, Zelensky succinctly commented: “Firstly, I want to thank Turkey for these drones. They played an important role, especially at the beginning of the invasion. I think now is not the time to talk about statistics, not the time to talk about tactics“.

“Turkey plays an important role”

Then Zelensky spoke about roles Turkey in Conflict:

It is impossible to end the war without dialogue. There are also many world leaders trying to mediate. The leader of Turkey is one of those people. It plays the role of an intermediary in many ways. We see that Turkey helps us“.

With regard to Turkey’s participation in Mariupolthe President of Ukraine said: “In we are currently working on the removal of the wounded from Mariupol. Turkey plays an important role. Turkish ships are used for evacuation. I can’t give more details“.

Answering a question about the system guarantees, which Ukraine seeks in negotiations with Russia, where Turkey also plays a key role, Zelenskiy said:

“Some countries have said they have volunteered as guarantors. USA, England, Turkey, Poland, Germany, France, Israel are some of these countries. They said they were ready for it. At the meetings we will talk about what security guarantees are. The guarantees will be clear. Negotiations with Russia will follow. We count on Turkey’s full support. We trust the Turkish leadership. If Turkey were Ukraine, we would support it.”

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