A meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the events in Bucha will be held today

After footage from the Ukrainian city of Bucha flying around the world, with a mass grave and corpses on the sides of the roads, some with their hands tied and gunshot wounds to the head, a meeting of the UN Security Council under the British chairmanship will take place today.

The Russian Defense Ministry denies any involvement in the incident. In a Telegram post last Sunday, the ministry suggested that the bodies may have been dumped on the streets after “all Russian units had completely withdrawn from Bucha” around March 30.

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that their military was not involved in the killings, and “signs of video forgery and fakes“In addition, the Russian ambassador to the UN said Vasily Nebenzya, accusations of Ukraine and its allies of Russian war crimes could interfere with peace talks. As well as attempts to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, the diplomat notes:

“This is unprecedented and it will not facilitate, encourage or help what is happening between Russia and Ukraine.”

The Russian ambassador to the UN has accused Ukraine of “staging” the bodies of dead civilians in Bucha, calling their images and videos a “gross forgery.” At a press conference at the UN, he said:

“Western leaders are already lining up to push this false narrative, blaming Russian forces for the killings.”

In turn, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who will speak today at a meeting of the UN Security Council, says:

“We have ensured maximum access for journalists to Bucha and other liberated cities of Ukraine, hundreds of journalists from all over the world. And we are interested in having thousands of journalists go there, as many journalists as possible.”

Edition “The country” talks about a visit by foreign journalists to Bucha, many of whom could not hold back their tears, referring to the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko:

“It’s difficult when you see piles of bodies in the basement. Men aged 25, 35, 50 years old were tortured, their hands were tied until blue in color with plastic zip ties. One man was obviously starving for at least a week before his death, because he was very thin. Another man had the skull was broken – either with a butt, or with a stone to the very brain. The Russians staged a torture right in the children’s camp. There was also a unit of the Russian army, everything is littered with their rations. Everything depended on the commander. Some commander did not allow them to commit such atrocities, but some, on the contrary, stimulated to mock and kill. Now we are still studying what is happening in Gostomel. Soon there will be a trip to Borodyanka – there are the largest ruins after Mariupol.”

Meanwhile, yesterday, April 4, late in the evening, the newspaper The New York Times published satellite images of the bodies found in Bucha after Russian troops left it. According to the publication, which refers to photos and videos presented to it by Maxar Technologies, some of the dead have been lying on the roads since at least March 19, before the withdrawal of Russian troops.

The images show dark objects the size of a human body that appeared on Yablonska Street between March 9 and 11. The objects appear in exactly the same position in which the bodies were found on April 2, after the Russians withdrew from Bucha. The analysis shows that the objects remained in this position for more than three weeks. Three more bodies appeared on Yablonska Street between 20 and 21 March. This includes a man next to a bicycle and a man near an abandoned car. Satellite images also prove that at least 11 of them have been on the street since March 11th. The material of the publication emphasizes that this information refutes the version that the corpses appeared on the streets after the departure of the Russian army.

Growing evidence that Russian soldiers killed scores of civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, leaving their bodies behind as they retreated, has prompted US President Joe Biden to call on President Vladimir Putin to face a “war crimes trial.” Germany and France expelled a total of 75 Russian diplomats, and French President Emmanuel Macron said the European Union should consider sanctions against Russian coal and oil.

Vladimir Zelensky will speak at today’s UN Security Council. The British Permanent Mission to the UN says:

“President Zelensky will address the Security Council on Tuesday. The meeting of the Council will take place after his visit to Bucha.”

And the investigation continues. In his address tonight, Zelensky said that there could be even more civilian casualties in Borodyanka near Kiev than in Bucha. Images of dead Ukrainians prompted shocked Western leaders on Monday to promise even tougher sanctions against Russia, possibly including on energy. The European Union will work closely with Kiev to investigate the “horrible murders” uncovered in Bucha and other territories recently liberated from Russian troops. About this President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a telephone conversation on Monday, April 4, her press service reported.

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