Another round of Russian-Ukrainian talks failed

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine continue in the format of a video conference call. According to the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, this format greatly saves time and money, but there is no end in sight for them yet.

Vedomosti edition published view of sources from the Russian side on the negotiation process. According to them, the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine were divided into four main areas.

  1. Non-bloc status of Ukraine. “Within its framework, it is being discussed whether the country should continue to remain neutral or whether it can become a member of NATO. At the same time, there is still no agreement on the issue of guarantees of such a non-bloc status between the parties. Kyiv insists on security guarantees that would resemble Art. 5 of the NATO treaty, that is, they would promise direct military assistance in the event of a threat.
  2. Demilitarization. “Ukraine insists on maintaining the current number of troops, while, according to Russia, it should be several times smaller and not have a number of long-range systems. Russia’s position is that the Ukrainian army should not be more than 50,000 people. The participants in the talks from Ukraine, according to a Vedomosti source, propose to take Finland as a model – to estimate the size of the army of this country and make a correlation taking into account the size of its population. In Finland in 2020 there were 21,500 soldiers for 5.5 million people (more than 42 million live in Ukraine).”
  3. The political structure of Ukraine. There is no consensus here either. Since Russia insists on “eliminating right-wing radical political groups.” But this does not consider Kyiv.
  4. The most difficult, according to a Vedomosti source, is the fourth area of ​​negotiations – on the borders of Ukraine. There is not even a sign of compromise on this issue. Publicly, the Russian side has repeatedly stated that its position is that Crimea is Russian and this status is not subject to discussion, as well as the recognition of the independence of the republics of Donbass within the borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. At the same time, there were signs that local authorities were being created in the Kherson region and part of Zaporozhye, including with Russian support. The Ukrainian side demands the withdrawal of Russian troops to the line on February 23.

The results of previous rounds can hardly be considered useful. Yes, Zelensky’s team handed over a certain document to Moscow in Istanbul, but its content is refuted by Zelensky himself, who is under pressure from the opposition in the person of Petro Poroshenko, who continues to disperse the zrada on the issues of Crimea and Donbass, writes tg Sharia channel.

They see the point in continuing the negotiations in the fact that it is there that it is possible to resolve the issues of humanitarian corridors, the exchange of prisoners and observe all diplomatic rituals. But for more than a month of the negotiation process, no one saw any results in these areas.

In the early morning of the first day of the spring month of Nisan, in a white cloak with a bloody lining, with a shuffling cavalry gait, the procurator of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, came out into the covered colonnade between two zoom screens with the envoys of Herod the Little. more suitable for his high status,” the once sane people’s deputy Buzhansky wrote after the next meeting of the negotiators.

If we reduce negotiations to trolling an opponent with or without a baseball cap, then we will come to peace in a year that way … no way. Loop, in hope drag out timeand to wait for some better conditions or the coming to power of someone more convenient for oneself, it is pointless to lose dozens, or even thousands of lives, along the way to escalate the situation with the help of colleagues in the workshop dispersing hard fakes about “evil Russians”.

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