4 out of 10 intubated Covid patients are vaccinated with: "experts" shrug

Four out of ten Covid patients intubated in intensive care units in Greek hospitals have been vaccinated, and the number has increased significantly since last autumn.

Health experts in the country believe that this is due not only to a decrease in the population’s immunity. At the same time, they begin to come up with various theories, which, in fact, do not stand up to scrutiny.

Characteristically, 41% of patients in the ICU completed vaccination in the last days of March, while in October 2021 this figure was 10%. Moreover, the number of new infections in Greece averages 25,000 per day, and the number of deaths on the same day is consistently above 50 people.

The gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients intubated in intensive care units is narrowing, the medical website notes. iatropedia.gr.

Vaccination doesn’t help?

According to the latest official epidemiological report of the Greek health organization EODY on March 30, out of 348 intubated patients, 203 are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, and 145 are fully vaccinated. The ratio is 58% (unvaccinated) versus 41% (vaccinated).

Characteristically, the percentage of those vaccinated has been slowly and steadily increasing from last autumn to the present day. Those who were in the intensive care unit last October, although they completed the vaccination, accounted for 10%. In December, their number increased to 20%. At the beginning of March, the number of such patients was 30%, and at the end of March 2022 it exceeded 40%.

Reduced immunity in the population is not the only explanation, notes iatropedia with reference to the country’s health experts. At a recent pandemic information event at the Athens Medical School, the country’s chief epidemiologist and professor of epidemiology Sotiris Tsiodras acknowledged a decrease in the level of neutralizing antibodies in the population, “although this is not the only explanation”, as he said:

There appears to be a decrease in both neutralizing antibodies and possibly T-cell activity over time, especially in the elderly. That’s why you see an international trend in some countries to vaccinate the elderly over the age of 75 with the fourth dose, for example in the United Kingdom“.

He predicted that there would be an ongoing discussion with data analysis, and that as the time after the vaccine increased, protection was likely to decline. Therefore, a booster dose will be important, but not so much in low-risk populations, but only in at-risk populations.”

It should be noted that the fourth dose (second booster dose) in Greece is already being administered to immunocompromised adults, and the third dose to children with serious comorbidities who do not develop strong immunity and who need to increase protection. The fourth dose is not currently recommended for use in the general population because its benefit has not been proven, while, on the contrary, researchers are convinced that the protection provided by the third dose of the vaccine is much greater.

The expert did not answer 2 main questions. If the 3rd dose of the vaccine was administered only a month ago, why did the number of antibodies fall below the required level? And the main question: why don’t they check the level of antibodies before vaccination and force those who have a high level of antibodies to be vaccinated?

Why the percentage of vaccinated in the intensive care unit is increasing

The sharp increase in the number of vaccinated in intensive care units is associated not only with a decrease in the level of antibodies in the population. Scientists note that this is mainly due to a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Omicron mutation and its Omicron 2 submutation, as well as a large number of vaccinated in Greece.

And here I’ll ask you to stop: you (I’m talking to experts) have previously stated that it is the large number of vaccinated people that is our salvation from the pandemic. Now you sign for the ineffectiveness of the vaccine?

As recently stated iatropedia President EODY Theoklis Zoutis, if 100% of the Greek population were allegedly vaccinated, then all the people in the intensive care unit would be vaccinated.
Well, now, of course, everything is clear. Another thing is not clear, but what then is the meaning of vaccination?

“The intubation rate among those who have been vaccinated is increasing because the percentage of those vaccinated has also increased, and the vaccines were ineffective against the Omicron strain,” he said.

Even more vague in terms of interpreting the phenomenon was the Associate Professor of the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Dimitris Paraskevis:

The risk is less than 1 in 4 for the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. And as said, in the long term it remains to be seen if there will be a weakening of the prophylaxis provided by the vaccine to decide if a fourth dose is needed and in which populations. This is constantly monitored, i.e. it is assessed whether and to what extent the effectiveness of the vaccine is reduced, and in which groups, in order to make appropriate decisions.“, – concluded the scientist, notes iatropedia .

Stop, but what about the above phrase that “If 100% of the Greek population were allegedly vaccinated, then all the people in the intensive care unit would be vaccinated.” Explain the meaning to the dumb?

The Ministry of Health recently said that health experts would make a decision on the fourth dose in April. According to the scenarios leaked to the media, it is assumed that the fourth dose will be for citizens over 60 or 65 years old.

I understand that it will again be mandatory, and violators will be fined 100 euros per month? Don’t you think, gentlemen, that you have played too much?

In fact, only one thing is clear now: the massively advertised Covid vaccines and drugs are of little use in preventing and treating new strains. Which, in principle, doctors admit, but for some reason refuse to recognize the persons sitting in the committee of experts. Or maybe it’s the so-called. corruption element? And the prosecutor’s office should take up the issue? Or are statements about the reality of the 3rd (judicial) branch of government in democracies just myths?

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