February 8, 2023

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With restrictions and this year’s Easter celebration

Despite the fact that many restrictions imposed by the pandemic have been lifted, this year Easter will again be celebrated not on a large scale, as it was in pre-pandemic times, but in moderation. This is due to the spread of the covid Omicron 2 mutation.

Once again, the coronavirus pandemic has struck unexpectedly as a new version of Omicron has caused an outbreak and great concern among specialists.

The hopes for Easter that we knew before evaporated after the meeting of the expert council. Experts suggested “slowing down” the easing of measures at least until May Day.

Easter this year will certainly not resemble Easter 2021, as many measures have been lifted (wearing masks outdoors, restrictions on occupancy, etc.), but the decision of the commission not to give the green light to the final lifting of restrictions a reminder that the coronavirus is still here.

As writes iefimerida.graccording to the current measures unvaccinated, when visiting public catering (cafes, taverns, restaurants), they can sit only on the street and only with a negative express or molecular test. There will be no travel ban, but some measures will remain in place.

How will Easter be this year?

The commission’s decision means that for this Easter, both the mask and vaccination certificate as a condition for indoor entry will remain in place due to a new outbreak caused by the Omicron 2 mutation.

Experts are concerned about the sharp increase in the incidence. Recall that yesterday the number of infected people was again at a high level: EODY announced 21,099 new cases, 51 deaths and 355 intubated.

This year Easter for the Orthodox will be celebrated on April 24th.

What about vaccinations and health certificates

The first scenario (cancellation of vaccination and disease certificates) was rejected by experts from April 18 due to the unstable epidemiological situation. According to iefimerida.gr, the second scenario of the expert committee is that the certificates should be canceled on May 2, while there is an even tougher one – the cancellation of measures and certificates in June.

The “puzzle” still remains with what will be done using the mask. One of the common scenarios is that from the beginning of May, the use of a mask indoors will not be mandatory, but recommended. The mandatory mask-wearing regime is expected to remain in hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, supermarkets and transport.

In restaurants and hairdressers, it is expected that it will remain mandatory only for employees. In all likelihood, the same will apply to employee self-testing in restaurants, grocery stores, hairdressers and tourism, where unvaccinated workers will have to take one test a week instead of two today.

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