New state-of-the-art trams run around Athens

The tram network in Athens and Piraeus is being expanded, and in recent months, new technology trains have appeared in a distinctive “orange” color.

The modern orange trams, 25 in all, have been out since mid-December last year and have been operating daily on the network, which now stretches from the center of Athens to Piraeus and the coastal area.

The new Citadis X05 trams are the latest generation of Alstom trams. The French company is a leader in the field of rail vehicles and, among other things, produces the famous high-speed TGVs that travel at an average hourly speed of 280 km/h.

The Citadis X05, and in particular the 305 in Greece, is the fifth and final generation of French trams. One of its main features is that it is a low floor light rail vehicle. The latter makes it even more convenient, since the gap from the tracks to the threshold (tram entrance) does not exceed 36 cm.

Characteristic of the design of the new trams are large glass windows that make the interior even brighter, as well as double doors that make it easier to get on and off.

The Citadis X05 305 is 33.42 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, and it can carry a maximum of 294 passengers. Compared to previous generations of trams, Citadis X05 consumes an average of 25% less electricity, while they can travel at speeds up to 80 km/h. They are 97% recyclable and 11% lower in maintenance costs compared to other competing offerings, according to the manufacturer.

Reducing electricity consumption is achieved through the most modern electric motors, the use of 100% LEDs in the interior of not only train lighting, but also a modern air conditioning and ventilation system. The new tram features closed-loop video monitoring (for the safety of passengers), a lower sound level it produces during operation, and a low seating position that makes it safer for vulnerable road users.

The new Citadis X05 will serve around 60,000 passengers a day, according to Alstom, and was tested without passengers before the trips began. The pilot tram traveled 15,000 kilometers before entering the route, so that the experts could verify the reliability of the vehicle.

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