June 10, 2023

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Crisis in Greece: brothels close to closing

Most Greek brothels face indefinite closures due to inflated energy bills, and the industry has high hopes for the cancellation of the vaccination certificate.

Since the first lockdown, the profession of workers in “red light” establishments has suffered irreparable blows due to the complex instructions of the expert commission, as a result of which a significant part of prostitutes left brothels, switching to illegal work, reports in.gr.

And if during the two pandemic years the industry “thrived”, despite the fact that it constantly faced problems and restrictions that increasingly tightened the noose around the necks of citizens, now inflation and the energy crisis threaten complete collapse (within the legal framework) of the houses of tolerance . Brothel owners are being urged to pay thousands of euros in electricity bills.

President of the Greek Prostitutes Association (Σωματείου Εκδιδόμενων Προσώπων Ελλάδας, Σ.Ε.Π.Ε.) Elli Kanellopoulou explains that this will lead to business lockdowns, while emphasizing the urgent need to cancel vaccination certificates.

“Light bills have made things very difficult for our industry. We had a drop in traffic during the pandemic years due to restrictive measures for the coronavirus. Now companies (read brothels) that have operated legally for years are also under threat of closure,” said Ms Kanellopulu, stressing that “there are establishments that used to pay several hundred euros in electricity bills, and now the amount has reached 1,500 euro, and in many cases even more.

“Vaccination certificate must be revoked”

Characteristically, during the period of self-isolation, “illegal prostitution” has increased dramatically, which “moved” most of the clients to apartments and hotels. Ms Kanellopulu points to the need to cancel the vaccination certificate, as, according to her, “people should return to legal brothels where all protection measures are observed, including against covid-19.”

“The government should cancel this measure (vaccination certificate) so that customers can return to legal establishments without health risks,” the SEPE president said, emphasizing that “the tourist season is gradually starting now and perhaps many foreigners will want to visit us to use legal services.

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