Shock: a woman beaten by her husband was barely saved

Another shocking case of domestic violence occurred in Crete. A 56-year-old woman was severely beaten by her 62-year-old husband. The crime took place in a village in the municipality of Phaistos (Crete).

It all started at noon on Sunday, when the woman’s children living in Germany called the police and said that their mother had not been able to contact them for 3-4 days.

According to them, when they asked their father where their mother was, he always found excuses, saying, for example, that “she took pills and slept all day,” and on other occasions that she was not at home.

The Phaistos police immediately mobilized and, after searching the couple’s home, found what the source said was a naked woman in poor condition, with a near-zero pulse. As a police officer described to ekriti, “if we had been a little late, she would have died already.”

The woman, who was in a deplorable condition, was taken to the Myron Medical Center (Κέντρο Υγείας Μοιρών). Doctors stated that the patient, in addition to her poor condition, was doused with liquefied gas (!). Apparently the monster husband intended to burn the body of his wife, despite the fact that she was still alive.

When the police entered the couple’s home, they found an open gas cylinder (πετρογκάζ) and a woman lying nearby.

The victim was urgently transferred from the medical center to the Venizelio hospital, where she is currently undergoing treatment, writes

As for the perpetrator, a police source said that anyone who dared to say anything about the man said he was “very dangerous” and had shown similar sadistic behavior in the past.

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