Explosion in Greven: there is practically no hope of finding the three missing

Rescue services working at the site of the explosion in Itea report the discovery of human limbs, apparently belonging to the missing workers.

Therefore, the chances of finding survivors after such powerful explosion, which occurred at the ELTEK dynamite plant at 08:15 in the morning, are practically zero. The remains were discovered by firefighters and policemen combing the area around the plant.

Two EMAK teams from Ioannina and Larisa arrived at the scene to provide assistance. According to the regional commander of the fire brigade, Sotirios Corella, according to ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ, an investigation is beginning at the scene of the incident – EMAK must first inspect the place for the presence of explosive residues. A brigade of police firefighters from Thessaloniki also arrived at the plant to “comb” the area of ​​​​the explosion, ”and after that the EMAK fighters will get down to business.

According to the Athens News Agency, there is complete destruction of the building, and the surrounding fields are covered with pieces of iron and concrete. The main building, where explosives were made, was, as it were, “drowned” into the ground for safety reasons, since, except for the main entrance, all its surfaces were covered with embankments several meters high. The factory’s storage areas have no problems other than broken windows, and the amount of explosives or ammonia stored is not dangerous.

ΕΛΤΕΚ posted an announcement that a serious accident occurred at approximately 08:45 today for an unknown reason:

“The plant worked legally, in full compliance with all safety standards of the law. The company immediately activated the incident management and response plan and made direct contact with the authorities. So far, three colleagues have been confirmed missing. At this stage, all our actions and thoughts are with our colleagues and their families, with whom the company has already contacted.

The company is fully cooperating with the authorities in investigating the causes of the accident. She will make a new announcement upon receipt of any information, the statement says. newsbeast.gr.

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