Hungry Robbers

Today, March 17, at dawn there was a burglary of a butcher shop in Thessaloniki. The robbers broke the window glass, took the money and meat products.

The butcher’s shop located in eastern Thessaloniki (Lambraki street) became the target of the criminals. As it became known, the criminals took with them not only money, but also meat from the refrigerator.

According to the publication, the attackers got inside after breaking the glass. According to the business owner, they pulled out about 500 euros from the cash register. The police are investigating to find and apprehend the perpetrators.

What the store owner says

As the owner of the butcher’s shop told the ANT1 TV channel, the robbery took place between midnight and 01:30, on the night of March 16-17.

“They took everything that was in the cash register, which is about 500 euros, as well as several pieces of beef and pork,” he said.

According to him, the robbers put the pieces of meat in bags that were with them. However, one bag ruptured under the weight or their hasty movements. At that moment, they were noticed by the residents, who began to scream and call for help, so the attackers had to leave her, after which they retreated.

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