A police officer filmed his female colleagues changing clothes before duty

A police officer accused of illegally filming a video camera installed in a women’s locker room has been sentenced to one year in prison.

The scandal erupted after a female colleague complained that at a regional police station, he filmed women changing clothes before starting work.

According to the information given lifo.gr, a police officer was found guilty of the above charges once, for an act that took place on December 7, 2018. The complaint stated that a police officer, between September and December 2018, filmed his female colleagues in the women’s locker rooms when they changed into uniform.

The police officer has served in the authorities for at least 25 years. As it became known, he allegedly put his mobile phone in a plastic waste collection bag and opened it in video mode to record what was happening. The policewoman who wrote the statement said she noticed the phone in the package. Picking up the device, she was surprised to find that it was turned on and working in video recording mode.

For his part, the police officer denied the accusation and stated that he simply “forgot his mobile phone in the women’s locker room.” At the same time, he attracted for his own protection his relative and friend, who testified.

The district attorney found the man guilty, and the court rejected the mitigation of the sentence offered by the defense (in view of the previous long term of valiant service in the post). As a result, the policeman was sentenced to one year in prison with a suspended sentence.

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