The inhabitants of Northern Evia were cut off from the whole world by snowfall

For the second day now, Evia has been suffering from the “Philippos” weather, serious problems are observed in several areas, and in Northern Evia people are “trapped” due to heavy continuous snowfall.

The intensity of the weather on the island continues, resulting in the firefighters of the 7th EMAK requiring the help of caterpillar vehicles to transport medical supplies and food for the inhabitants of the mountain village of Amelantes, Evia on Saturday afternoon, as they were “cut off from the whole world.”

Meanwhile, traffic from Castella to North Evia was suspended in both streams, as the trees, unable to bear the burden of snow tightly adhering to the branches, collapsed onto the road network.

The blizzard created power supply problems. In particular, in the area of ​​Kamaritsa on the island of Evia, cables DEI trees fell, damaging the network, according to

The villages of the municipality of Dirfion Messapia, Kastella, Stavros, Kontodespoti, Kyparissi, Pagontas and Akres were also left without electricity.

Heavy snowfalls are observed in areas such as Zarka, Mesochoria, Almyropotamos and Stira.

The authorities are monitoring the current situation in order to take the necessary actions in time. “We are on alert and the snowplows are working all the time,” Karystos Mayor Lefteris Raviolos told earlier.

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