Teenager dies after being injured while hunting

The unfortunate child who received a penetrating wound from a shotgun blast to the head has died.

The news that a 12-year-old teenager, who was injured while hunting a wild boar in Kalambaka, has died in the intensive care unit of a hospital, causes unspeakable grief.

Unfortunately, the miracle that the boy’s close relatives hoped for did not happen.

According to in.gr it became known that the teenager died in the intensive care unit of the pediatrics department of the Hippocrates Hospital in Thessaloniki, where he was treated. From the very beginning of admission to the medical institution, there was little hope that the boy would survive. However, despite the fact that the doctors made every effort, the child died.

Authorities were unable to identify the perpetrator

At the end of February of this year, father and son went hunting in Trikala. At some point, the father heard a shot and, running up to the child, saw him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Presumably another hunter in the area mistook the boy for prey and shot him. The unfortunate child was shot in the head with a shotgun, resulting in a penetrating wound.

The victim was first taken by ambulance to the Kalampaka Medical Center and from there to Trikala General Hospital, but it was deemed necessary to transfer him to Larissa and then to Thessaloniki, as the injuries were very serious.

It is still unknown how the child was injured, since the hunter who fired the fatal shot has not been found. The case is being investigated by the Trikala Police Department.

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