Zakynthos: 11-year-old boy’s hand replantation was successful

The tragedy that happened three weeks ago on Zakynthos ended happily – an 11-year-old boy who lost his arm is recovering after a successful replantation.

The teenager came out victorious in the most difficult struggle with threatening disability, and the doctors did the impossible and restored the arm, cut off at shoulder level.

Our publication talked about tragedy and, together with the whole country, worried about the boy. On that fateful day, his father was working on a tractor, his son was nearby, and at some point the boy’s hand got into a working mechanism. Everything happened literally instantly. The arm was amputated to the shoulder, and the doctors in the operating room fought desperately for the boy’s life, trying to stop the bleeding – the child was taken to the Zakynthos hospital, where he underwent many hours of surgery. However, despite the superhuman efforts of the doctors, they failed to save his left arm, which was amputated from the shoulder.

Eleven highly qualified specialists from 3 hospitals in Attica took part in the complex operation carried out at the “Agia Sophia” hospital, where the child was then transferred. And they did, at first glance, the impossible – a 9-hour operation on recovery of a severed limb was successfully completed at 02:00 am on 02/13/22.

The boy’s mother spoke in an interview with Live News about how her son and the doctors fought for a positive outcome of the accident:

“We took him from Zakynthos with zero chance of saving his hand and did not know if he would survive. And imagine our double happiness: he is alive and his hand is saved. It was very difficult, as the professor of vascular surgery Christos Clonaris said, to restore torn nerves and blood vessels, all the muscles were cut. He woke up two days later in intensive care. All he told me was: “Mom, I don’t want to stay here alone. And he added: “We will definitely stay for another month or more. He did not complain, even on the day when his hand was cut off. But I have been with him constantly since February 12, when the accident happened.”

Now the worst is over. But restoration will be a time-consuming and costly process. However, the boy has already shown that he is a real fighter and does not complain when it is hard for him. In cooperation with the Diocese of Zakynthos, a bank account has been opened to raise the money that little Dionysus will need for his recovery.

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