Thessaloniki: a fallen elevator injures a woman

A serious work accident occurred on Thursday afternoon at a commercial store located in the center of Thessaloniki.

Shortly before 12:00, under unclear circumstances, an elevator fell on an employee, as a result of which she was trapped. It took the help of firefighters to free the woman. According to preliminary information, the woman has broken legs. An EKAV ambulance arrived at the scene.


An accident at work is an event as a result of which an employee died or was injured in the performance of work duties or work in the interests of the employer.

Increasing number of injuries at work

Experts note that during the pandemic, industrial accidents have become more frequent, which poses a threat to the safety of millions of workers working in Greece. The situation leaves no room for complacency as, according to a recent GSEE report, industrial accidents have become a scourge and the death toll remains open. At the same time, the Confederation condemns insufficient measures to protect workers in their workplaces that cost lives.

Complete degradation of “occupational medicine”

The problem in the country is more general. While 400 professional doctors are required throughout Greece, there are only 160. At the same time, there is no corresponding specialty at the Medical School, and at the University of Athens the course μάθημα της ιατρικής εργασίας only became compulsory four years ago.

The health and safety issues of workers in their workplaces have simply been “turned a blind eye” at a time when, due to the pandemic, “everything has faded into the background.” And now a more comprehensive plan must be drawn up to increase the number of occupational doctors so that workers are protected as much as possible.

On the contrary, occupational therapists are being fired from companies and replaced by doctors who do not have this specialty.

Safe work in the midst of a pandemic

In March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, nScientific Society of Occupational Health Physicians appealed to the Ministry of Labor, declaring the intention of specialized doctors to contribute to take the necessary measures for the safe operation of those companies that were not closed due to quarantine.

Here, too, their contribution can be decisive, suggesting, for example, appropriate disinfectants depending on the premises, the protection that vulnerable groups should receive, advisory support, etc. However, not only did they not receive any response, but the leadership of the ministry canceled “one article” all the previous legislation in force since 1985, and “annulled” the specialty.

Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis has promised to set up a committee on the issue, but neither the time nor who will participate in it has yet been determined.

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