Young man arrested for renting an apartment to seven illegal immigrants

Against a 19-year-old young man, a case was initiated “for facilitating the illegal residence of foreigners.”

A Pakistani citizen was arrested in Ampelokipi (Thessaloniki) on charges of facilitating the illegal residence of foreigners, writes According to police, in an apartment located on the ground floor, he provided accommodation for seven foreigners who did not have travel documents for a fee. A criminal case has been initiated against the young man. The accused was taken to the prosecutor’s office.

Recall that legal, that is, a legal rental of housing, involves the conclusion of a formal contract of employment and the payment of income tax. If you illegally rent an apartment without any contract, by verbal agreement, you can get a term.

However, illegal rental of apartments through real estate agencies also thrives, despite the involvement of an intermediary in the transaction. And the truth is that the real estate agent is not responsible for formalizing the relationship between the owner and the tenant. His task is to find an option for rented housing, take a commission, and then the issue is resolved privately.

It is the owner of the apartment who is obliged to make sure that everything is drawn up according to the law, because only he is responsible for the taxpayer. Despite the way housing is rented, only the legal owner has the right to offer it for rent.

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