The losses of the Athens Stock Exchange since the beginning of the war in Ukraine amounted to 9.3 billion euros

Since the beginning of the war, the Athens Stock Exchange has recorded a loss of 13.43% since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Market capitalization fell by 9.345 billion euros.

The Large Cap Index fell 15.0% and the Mid Cap Index fell 8.6%. The largest losses (-26.64%) were recorded in banks.

However, despite everything, Goldman Sachs and UBS are giving a vote of confidence to the Greek economy and the Greek stock market, the state news agency reported. amna, (which once again shows the real cost of such assessments).

Goldman Sachs has estimated that the overall price index will rise to 1175 points in the next 12 months, while UBS raised its estimates for growth in Greece, despite the impact of the war in Ukraine.

In particular, he raised his growth forecast for 2022 to 5.5%, or 1.5 basis points above the market average and 60 basis points above the Commission’s forecasts. EU(5.5 percentage points is less current inflation of 5.8%. Note. editor).

On Monday, March 7, due to the collapse of stock markets around the world, rising energy and food prices, as well as a temporary increase in natural gas prices by 79%, ASE is closed due to Clean Mondaya national holiday.

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