How was "eaten" 1 trillion euro part 3

As already mentioned in the previous publication (see Part 2), during the entire twelve-year period of the memorandum (2010-2021), the state treasury received income from expansionary interventions in Greek households and private property (a “haircut” of 137.8 billion .USD 137.7 billion euros in 2012!), from direct and indirect taxes, from loans (mainly from the financial […]

“The war in Ukraine made us realize that the Russian economy is much more important than we thought”

American political journalist Jimmy Dore: “This is the case when some began to suspect: with an assessment of the Russian economy in 4.7% of the world something is wrong. American political journalist Jimmy Dore: ✔️ Despite sanctions and boycotts, Russia is still collecting $800 million a day from oil and gas sales, and this is […]

World Bank: Price shock caused by the war will last for many years

An ominous picture of inflation is outlined in a new World Bank Commodity Markets Outlook report warning that the rise in food and energy prices due to the war in Ukraine could last for several years! Prolonged inflation is knocking at our doors! International food and energy prices are expected to continue to rise throughout […]

The losses of the Athens Stock Exchange since the beginning of the war in Ukraine amounted to 9.3 billion euros

Since the beginning of the war, the Athens Stock Exchange has recorded a loss of 13.43% since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Market capitalization fell by 9.345 billion euros. The Large Cap Index fell 15.0% and the Mid Cap Index fell 8.6%. The largest losses (-26.64%) were recorded in banks. However, despite everything, […]

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