The losses of the Athens Stock Exchange since the beginning of the war in Ukraine amounted to 9.3 billion euros

Since the beginning of the war, the Athens Stock Exchange has recorded a loss of 13.43% since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Market capitalization fell by 9.345 billion euros. The Large Cap Index fell 15.0% and the Mid Cap Index fell 8.6%. The largest losses (-26.64%) were recorded in banks. However, despite everything, […]

Poll: Greeks are concerned about the situation in Ukraine, the economy will suffer, say 80%

The citizens of Greece are very concerned about the events taking place in Ukraine, as the Russian invasion of the country continues for the fifth day. This follows from the Pulse survey on behalf of SKAI, the newspaper writes. In particular, the vast majority (80%) say they are “very concerned” and “very concerned” about […]

European Commissioners in Athens: tax incentives under the microscope

It is expected that the Greek economy will go through the “sieve” for the 12th time since the country’s withdrawal from the memorandum. Lender representatives will again arrive in Athens today for the 12th post-memorandum assessment of the Greek economy to monitor the country’s finances and approve or reject any government decision. According to the […]

Greece’s economy shrinks 9% in 2020

Last year, the Greek economy contracted 9%, higher than the March forecast of 8.2%. According to data Statistical Office of Greece, the country’s GDP fell to 167.077 billion euros from 183.640 billion euros in 2019. In particular, final consumption spending fell 5.5% (household consumption fell 8% and general government consumption rose 2.6%), compared with a […]

Greece made good money on relations with China

Greece is taking advantage of its healthy relationship with China in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and will continue to cooperate along the way, said Spyros Lambridis, Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO. “For now, all we get from it is the benefits of a healthy and legitimate business relationship,” he […]

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