"Clean Monday" became "black"

Another attack by a pack of stray dogs was recorded today in Larisa – a 50-year-old man with numerous injuries from the bites of furious animals was taken to the hospital.

A real horror had to be endured by a resident of Larisa, who was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Passers-by caught the man at the moment when he was trying to escape from the dogs that attacked him, and immediately rushed to help. “When they saw what was happening, they hardly drove away the enraged animals,” the press release says.

The incident was added to other similar ones that have happened recently in different parts of the city. Another dog attack on a person was recorded in recent days in the Larissa area, just a few hours after yesterday’s incident with the injured teenager on Farsalon Street.

A 50-year-old man was attacked by a pack of dogs in the village of Nees Karies (Νέες Καρυές) in the municipality of Killerer. According to onlarissa.grThe man was injured in his legs. An ambulance and police arrived at the scene.

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